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Design Better Icon Sets – Fast and Easy – Illustrator Tutorial

You ever wanted to know how to design better and consistent icon sets? Watch this video to see the best tips and tricks out there to design better icon sets.


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#IconDesign #AdobeIllustrator #Icons


00:00 – Introduction

00:35 – How to set up an icon grid layout

01:47 – Creating icon keylines

09:02 – Making a play icon

10:42 – Making a disk icon

11:56 – Making a trash icon

13:00 – Making an eye icon

15:03 – Conclusion

Khalid Ma'Ani
Khalid Ma'Ani
Co-Founder of Prspctv. I help digital companies / product teams and startups create amazing experiences by crafting top-level UI/UX and Design Thinking Sessions.

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