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Part 1 – Create and Animate a Modern Hotel UI Design in XD 😎

Well folks! Today is a special one. I have put together a very insightful yet short UI design of a imaginary hotel Protu (If that’s even a word lol) But that said it is a very special one because not only do we tackle how to create some amazing UI design and layout. But we also will do some ANIMATION! All in Adobe XD! How awesome is that?

Right! Now that I am sure you are done reading and just want to get started, the video is below and part 2 (The Animation) will be out shortly and will be linked here once its released.

But be sure to subsribe to our YouTube channel where all our videos will be put on and you can get notified when we release new videos.

Enjoy and I’ll see you on the next one everyone 😎

Khalid Ma'Ani
Khalid Ma'Ani
Co-Founder of Prspctv. I help digital companies / product teams and startups create amazing experiences by crafting top-level UI/UX and Design Thinking Sessions.

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