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Black Cab Coffee Co


The first of its kind, The Black Cab Coffee Co was the brainchild of Graham Buck & Emmy Osman. It began brewing in 2012 when the couple converted their first black cab to serve coffee.

The vision was simple – to add theatre to the art of coffee making by using an iconic symbol of London to serve what so many people look forward to the most; a cup of coffee. 


Prspctv’s unrivaled passion and expertise in the field of Hospitality Marketing can be reflected through Black Cab Coffee‘s outstanding digital presence on web and social platforms. This Iconic London based coffee brand has made its name and attracted customers from all over London.


Creating digital presence on search engines and social media.

Prspctv’s was asked to develop and deliver an integrated digital marketing strategy to increase brand visibility, traffic to the cafe and engagement on their social media platforms. Along with these KPI’s we were asked to devise a launch strategy for the coffee beans delivery and subscription business and integrate their online shop with Facebook and Instagram shops.


Establishing visibility by driving strategy, content & traffic.

We analysed the goals and divided them into weekly and monthly milestones which allowed us to breakdown and focus on small deliverable and work our way towards the overall objective. We focused on creating a brand guidelines, content strategy for search engine and social, paid social campaigns and integration.

Our first step started with getting to know Emmy and Graham, their story, competitors and customers. This involves meeting with them and their team, conducting some research, doing customer interviews and really drilling down to the core of how people see them now and how you want them to see you moving forward. Once the discovery was complete, our team developed a brand strategy and suggest tactics on how this will be expressed throughout your business operations. After developing brand strategy, our designers will move into interpreting brand characteristics in a more visual way.


After finalizing the Identity, we created the brand guidelines which included where and how to use the logo, colours, fonts and just as importantly, how NOT to use them, in order to consistently communicate the brand message.

Social media is an integral part of any brand and a way to speak directly with customers. We created a social media strategy that engages with existing customers and attracts new customers through Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. As part of social media management, we were responsible of managing their social media accounts which included strategy, generating all creative assets and posting regularly on their social media channels. After content plan, we focused on improving the user engagement & interaction by responding to comments and questions through social media channels and sharing user generated content via repost and offering the content creators free coffee. Along with user generated content, we started to engage with micro and macro influencers and local businesses through social media channels by liking, commenting and sharing their posts and building a conversation.


Once we improved the engagement, we started analyzing the customer demographics, user intent and competitors to segment a audience of ideal customers. We used this audience and created a lookalike audience and targeted both these audiences through paid campaigns to increase avg. spend per customer and increase look alike customer base. This particularly helped us with the launch of online sales and subscription of coffee beans.

The objective of search engine optimization was to scale the visibility upwards and target most relevant keywords for the brand and generic searches. We created a SEO strategy, based on analysis of current market and best practice insight which focused on ensuring the website is more search engine visible, creating relevant and engaging content, increased visitors to the cafe and bringing natural growth to website’s traffic levels. We started by website and SEO audit followed by benchmarking them against their competitors. Based on the audits, we started to fix the issues on website which were impacting on performance. Once the issues were resolved, we focused on optimizing the website to target most relevant keywords, this was supported by our content strategy. Onsite Optimization included improving page indexation, tag amendments, deep linking, redirection, fixing toxic links, improving website speed, fixing broken links, URL formatting, implementation of schema markups etc.   


One of the most effective strategy with almost immediate upside was Business Listings, Prspctv’s approach to business listings, rapidly increased the exposure to The Black Cab Coffee‘s cafe. Traffic increases are visible from Google My Business, Maps & Increased brand and local searches.

The objective of paid campaigns was to target relevant keywords and audiences on search engines, business listings and social media channels to get quick wins. The Idea was to maximize the exposure and direct more customers to The Black Cab Coffee’s cafe. Before starting the campaigns we went on the research for the most relevant keywords, demographics, platforms, competitors, target market etc. for the campaigns. After research phase, we worked on budgeting and started creating the campaigns. 


We created brand and location based search campaigns, contextual targeted display campaigns to target keywords relating to coffee and cafes around battersea, re-marketing campaigns, paid social campaigns to push coffee beans on Instagram and Facebook to boost sales. After campaign launch, we managed these campaigns on daily basis and made necessary adjustments to ensure the KPI’s are met.

Social media has played a critical role in the evolution of online shopping. In fact, 9 out of 10 consumers turn to social media for help with a buying decision and 75% of  people bought something because they saw it on social media. Not all social networks are created equal. When it comes to driving sales and increasing your ROI, some platforms are better than others. Our analysis found Facebook and Instagram dominates as the lead social commerce platform. These social networks account for half of all social referrals and 70% of total social revenue.


After our analysis it was clear that we had to integrate our shops with Facebook and Instagram to push products to our audiences and increase revenue through social media. Our objective was simple to have website as the central point to hold all the inventory and integrate all other sales platform through our website. Some of the evident benefits of this integration were higher engagement on posts through tagging relevant products and converting them into sales, happy customers, building deeper trust and loyalty, enhanced customer experience with frictionless checkout, boost avg. order value and sales, get recommended by your customers to their friends and family and reach a global audience.

  • Increased Engagement from 35 per post to 600+ per post
  • Increased followers by over 8000 new followers in 6 months
  • Better optimization of profile
  • Shop & Product Feed added
  • Increased organic traffic by 740%
  • Increased brand searches by 1280%
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