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Jewel Tree London

Jewel Tree London is a Notting Hill based premium jewellery brand that creates strikingly beautiful contemporary pieces in a range of semi-precious stones and sterling silver with 18ct Gold Vermeil.


Inspired by architecture and sculptural forms in nature, JTL creations are highly wearable and transitions from casual to formal elegance with ease, reminding us that Everyday is Precious. The designs call to those who love bold, sculptural pieces that play with traditional notions of gender conformity, allowing for a light-hearted duality.


Designed for the self-aware independent person who is passionate about embracing the future. Jewel Tree London is a luxurious extension and reflection of their lifestyle – pioneering creations that are destined to be modern classics.


Improve visibility, reduce cost per conversion and increase revenue.

Prspctv’s was asked to develop and deliver a multi-channel digital marketing campaign which will allow them to increase their business through multiple channels with a decent CPA while maximizing revenue. The campaigns won’t just allow them to increase visibility but will also allow them to increase sales, increase profitability, increased brand awareness and higher ROI.


Revise strategy, focus keywords, content and optimize website both onsite and offsite.

Our primary objective was to scale organic campaigns upwards to be able to target customers on google, bing and yahoo search engines organically. The idea was to target most relevant keywords for the brand and product based searches.


We implemented a new strategy and changed the focused keywords where we targeted keywords for short terms and long term goals simultaneously. Followed by new strategy we worked on website to ensure its more search engine friendly, created relevant and engaging content, increased call-to-action from different parts of the website leading to conversion funnel.

Our first step was to conduct an audit on website and understand the previous strategy and keywords which worked and din’t work for Jewel Tree London. After the audit, we selected 20 keywords which best reflected brand and their variations to target. Based on the audit and focus keywords, we started our work with ensuring that the website is more search engine friendly and started working on engaging content to add on website and external blogs to build quality links to increase link juice.


We started to go through all the pages and re-worked on meta data and product descriptions followed by categories and other important pages. After the content was optimized, we started going through other issues on website like fixing broken links, deep linking, 301 redirect, image tagging, website speed, AMP implementation, configuring 404 pages, canonical tags etc. Once the onsite issues were resolved, we started working on most visible pages and started to implement call-to-action to improve conversion rates on website. After the first stage of optimization was done, we moved our focus on products with high margins to increase profitability and the content was focused on jewelry advise, accessories guides and buying guides to cover more ground in search engines results to build credibility and establish Jewel Tree London as a desirable brand. The overall objective was to increase traffic and revenue levels on the website, which has been successfully rising month on month.

  • Increased monthly organic revenue by 421% in span of less than 6 months
  • Increase transactions by 500%
  • Increased traffic by over 438%
  • Reduced bounce Rate by 20%
  • Improved conversion rate by 11.48%
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